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strength and passion





Efficiency and Speed

efficiency and speed

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about us

We have a firm commitment to serving our clients and meeting their needs in accordance with best legal practices.

¿who we are?

De Bracamonte • Haaker • Castellares was incorporated as a law firm specializing in providing legal advice on corporate finances, staffed by proactive professionals of proven academic and professional excellence.

The firm's objective is to add value to its clients' projects. Our purpose is to lead the operations we are involved in, with a view to bringing them to completion efficiently in the shortest possible time and minimizing contingencies.

The firm places priority on providing personalized services to customers, identifying their needs and proposing creative and efficient solutions to their particular business, within a pleasant atmosphere in which clients as well as members of the firm can achieve their professional and personal goals.

During the past years, we have gained recognition from all the individuals and companies we have served, growing in a selective manner and consolidating our institution.

We intend to continue along the planned course, making steady progress in a sustainable and responsible manner, always making sure that our clients are highly satisfied with our work and that all members of the firm grow both professionally and personally.

our commitment

We have the utmost respect for the moral and ethical principles governing the practice of law, avoiding any possible conflict of interest so that clients are served in a transparent manner.

Our services are based on efficiency, loyalty, respect and absolute confidentiality.